Slit Mouthed Free Download For PC

Slit Mouthed Free Download For PC

Slit Mouthed Free Download For PC

Slit Mouthed Free Download For PC


The slit Mouthed-Kou Lie menu is inspired by a Japanese urban legend called The Slit Mouthed Woman. We have added our twist to the legend to make it more enjoyable. Two security guards work the night shift in a mansion. The owner experienced “strange” events. You must go through your checklist to avoid being confronted with “strange incidents.” Although the game had its downs, I liked the overall story and the creepy enemy. The graphics and atmosphere are excellent, and the game feels smooth.

Although there were some “scary moments,” I enjoyed the game overall. It’s exciting to see what Nyxtales does in future games. This is a vast improvement from their previous game. I enjoyed this game very much. The game has a great atmosphere, and the final task is challenging but enjoyable. This game lived up to its hype. If you like survival horror games with good scares, this game is for you.

The remaster’s authors knew exactly what they were doing. This is evident in the well-written new nations, and Camera’s gameplay supplements were zooming. A sign of the current production of your building? Marked groups Smarter labeling will automatically distinguish the villagers from others. Displaying how many villagers are mining each commodity? Possibility to show the harvested farm automatically? These allowances and the new entry route to the order line are excellent… Freedom of choice is unrivaled. It’s the same, somewhere deep within, as a “same knight” and “same paladin.” Both ride horses and have armor. However, one gets stabbed by an opponent with a stick-wielding blade while the other cuts through the enemy like a cursed knife with hellishly rancid butter.


Download Slit Mouthed for Free

  1. There are two security guards
  2. The story of the game
  3. Challenging

System Requirements

1 ::: Operating system: Windows XP/7/8./10.
2:: Processor Intel Core i3
3:: RAM:: 4GB RAM
4:: DirectX: Version 9.0
5 :: Graphics :: NVIDIA (r) GeForce (r) GTX770 or better
6 :: Storage:: 5GB Space


Slit Mouthed Free Download For PC



Slit Mouthed Free Download For PC
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