Spidersaurs PC Game Latest Version Free Download

Spidersaurs PC Game Latest Version Free Download

Spidersaurs PC Game Latest Version Free Download

Spidersaurs PC Game Latest Version Free Download


Overview Spidersaurs:

Alert! Alert! Alert! InGest Corp created the Spidersaurs to supply the meat and muscle humanity requires to end hunger. Now they are on the loose, and it is up to Adrian, an officer-in-training, and Victoria, a punk-rocker, to harness their firepower and overcome six stages in a fierce run-‘n-gun action. You will blast through a scorching jungle and an infested laboratory.

The heart of a volcano and more! Spidersaurs are a tangy food source that can be biting back. However, by grabbing power-ups, gaining new capabilities, and obliterating all in sight, you’ll be able to send them back to the Stone Age. The additional content makes Spidersaurs even more “full” than its Apple Arcade release. The new endings, stages, enemies, and other features are welcome. Two new modes have been added. Speedrun mode and arcade mode are also available. Arcade mode is all action and no filler. All cut scenes have been removed, and all abilities have been unlocked in the correct order. Self-explanatory speedrun mode unlocks all abilities out of the gate.

The story mode was completed with both characters, Victoria (and Adrian). Victoria is more skilled at controlling screens and can take out enemies without stopping. Her arsenal covers large areas of the screen. Adrian is a formidable weapon in his arsenal. Although he has some screen-covering weapons, they are not nearly as helpful as Victorias. The flamethrower (upgraded) is the best weapon for stages, while his exploding soccer makes most bosses trivial. However, once you have beaten all levels in Story, you can go back and replay any levels with all the abilities. This adds replay value. The game is much more enjoyable with all the capabilities.


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System Requirements


1:: Operating System:: Windows XP/7/8/8./10.
2:: Processor: 4th generation core-i processor or better
3 :: Ram :: 8 GB RAM
4:: DirectX: Version 9.0
5 :: Graphics:: AMD Radeon(TM) R7 250 or better
6:: Space Storage:: 2510 MB space


How To Install

Turn Off Your Antivirus Before Installing Any Game

1:: Download the Game
2:: Extract the Game
3:: Launch The Game
4:: Have fun

Spidersaurs PC Game Latest Version Free Download



Spidersaurs PC Game Latest Version Free Download
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