Stonehearth Full Version Mobile Game
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Stonehearth Full Version Mobile Game

Stonehearth Full Version Mobile Game

Stonehearth Full Version Mobile Game

About Stonehearth Free download v1.0.0.949

Radiant Entertainment has developed Stonehearth, a 2018 game for city building. The game was released on Microsoft Windows and macOS July 25, 2018, after an early access phase that began in 2015. The crowdfunding campaign had several stretch goals, so a tentative Linux port was cancelled.

Stonehearth features a procedurally-generated world where players manage a colony of people called “Hearthlings”. The players are responsible for caring for their hearthlings, including sheltering and feeding them, as well as protecting them from dangers such as skeletons and orcs.

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Stonehearth is a place where you can create a world of warmth, mystery, and heroism. A small group of settlers must build a home in an abandoned land. You will need to provide food, shelter, protect your people, manage their moods and figure out a way for them to grow and expand.

Stonehearth Free Download:

Stonehearth is procedurally generated terrain that can be modified to meet dynamic AI encounters. This combines community management, combat and endless building possibilities. Stonehearth is modular at all levels, from your city to your world’s inhabitants. It comes with all the documentation and tools you need to customize the game and share your modifications with your friends.

You will need to make a tool for someone you are assigning a job. Masons can create blocks, statues and tools out of stone. However, he will need a mallet or chisel made by the carpenter to accomplish this. We want a job tree that is both wide and deep. There will be many different types of tasks, but also plenty of depth for you to focus on one area.

Stonehearth Full Version Mobile Game



Stonehearth Full Version Mobile Game
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