SUBSISTENCE Mobile Game Full Version Download
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SUBSISTENCE Mobile Game Full Version Download

SUBSISTENCE Mobile Game Full Version Download

SUBSISTENCE Mobile Game Full Version Download

Subsistence Install-Game

For advanced item crafting and upgrades, you can advance your base technology. To rise to the top in the world, you will need to farm, fish, raise small livestock, and harvest resources. Protect your base against Hunter attacks and raid other bases to steal their loot. The early access version is for those who enjoy open-world survival games and resource gathering. Metro Last Light Redux

Subsistence free download:

It is intended to combine the types of base-resource micromanagement commonly found in RTS titles into a boots on-the-ground shooter. To rise to dominance, each base must have an underlying economy of raw materials and power. It is not about primitive survival, although there are many elements in the early-game, but rather the base and its security, technology, and resources.

  • The workbench can now make a new shotgun. The Double Barrel weapon is powerful and has a tighter spread than the pump action. This makes it ideal for close-range as well as mid-range combat.
  • The dual barrel design allows two shells to fire in rapid succession. However, it requires a lengthy reload. So be strategic with your shots and reloads.
  • A Distiller can be made by players. It is located in the BCU. This item must be within your base’s reach and will allow you to make your own Alcohol (“moonshine”) over time.
  • To make alcohol, you will need potatoes and sterilized waters. Crafting alcohol takes time, so make sure you have enough time and plan ahead. Molotovs can be made in the workbench using alcohol. Molotovs can be used to attack mobs and damage bases.
  • Molotovs are now more common in attacks than grenades. It adds to the immersion to firefights that flames illuminate the battle (and creates no-go areas in the flames).



SUBSISTENCE Mobile Game Full Version Download
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