The Best Weapons in Gaming: DOOM Eternal’s Super Shotgun

The Best Weapons in Gaming: DOOM Eternal’s Super Shotgun

The Best Weapons in Gaming: DOOM Eternal’s Super Shotgun

The Best Weapons in Gaming: DOOM Eternal’s Super Shotgun

There are many iconic weapons in gaming, some of which can be devastating or challenging. We’re going to celebrate all the best, so today we are celebrating Doom Slayers’ personal boomstick: DOOM Eternal’s Super Shotgun.

This series was just going to get a glimpse into Doomguy’s toys. It was only a matter of time before the DOOM franchise’s protagonist, who is rough and ready, has an impressive arsenal that puts most other characters and franchises to shame. So it was inevitable that one his incredible demon-slaying weapons would make its way into this series. This issue focused on one item, rather than a long list.

The obvious answer is the BFG, Doomguy’s instant win button which transforms entire rooms of demons into paste within seconds. The BFG is as thrilling as any weapon in terms of shock and awe. DOOM Eternal’s Ballista deserves to be mentioned as well. This weapon rewards precision in such chaotic games with terrifying power. However, Doomguy’s weaponry was dominated by one weapon: DOOM Eternal’s Super Shotgun.

Doomguy’s Super Shotgun is as popular as ripping and tormenting. The amazing double-barreled boomstick has been available since DOOM 2. The DOOM 3 version featured the Super Shotgun, but it was not as prominent. DOOM 2016 brought the Super Shotgun up to date with more power and relevance. The Super Shotgun was introduced as an alternative to the Combat Shotgun that is more powerful, but also slower. It is the epitome of overkill.

The Super Shotgun can fire off both barrels simultaneously before you need to reload immediately. It is possibly the slowest firing gun in DOOM. However, what it lacks in the speed of fire it makes up for with its incredible stopping power. It was easy to get up close and personal, stick it in a demon’s gob, and pull the trigger. This would turn most enemies into mush or glowing red, allowing you to finish the job with a Glory Kill. It’s hard to beat working with your own hands.

Due to each weapon having its own place, the Super Shotgun performed even better in DOOM Eternal. You couldn’t just rely on one weapon to get by, unlike in previous games. The core gameplay loop required that you cycle through all weapons to survive. However, that cycling meant that returning home to old favorites like the Super Shotgun felt almost like coming home for a short time. It was also the only weapon I had that kept me from being mauled by every Marauder in this game.

God, Marauders were hard to beat, but every kill felt like a well-earned victory.

The Meathook was the Super Shotgun’s greatest upgrade. It allowed Doomguy and his team to take on their opponents with a grappling hook alternative fire. The arenas of DOOM Eternal had the feel and look of a playground, offering tons of ways to traverse while killing demons. But the Meathook allowed you the freedom to deal with death in style. It could be upgraded to set your enemies on fire, and The Ancient Gods DLC campaigns included the Meathook in the platforming challenges for extra fun.

The Super Shotgun was the core of DOOM Eternal’s combat and platforming gameplay. Cultured Vultures is proud to say that DOOMEternal is one the most popular FPS games ever created. It is obvious that the Super Shotgun has been voted one of the greatest weapons ever made.

The Best Weapons in Gaming: DOOM Eternal’s Super Shotgun
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