Update 1.9.1 Brings Rabbit's Revenge Event to Lifev

Update 1.9.1 Brings Rabbit’s Revenge Event to Life

Update 1.9.1 Brings Rabbit's Revenge Event to Life

Update 1.9.1 Brings Rabbit’s Revenge Event to Life


Rabbit’s Revenge began with the New World Update 1.9.1 downtime that began at 11:00PM PT (6:00AM UTC) on April 11, 2019. During this event, you can earn special rewards by tracking down Corrupted Rabbits and collecting their eggs.

Be wary of their increased danger this time! From April 12 to 25, you can search for event-specific loot, but be wary of explosive surprises that await.

Last year, players reported that rare drops were now guaranteed after taking down a specific number of corrupted rabbits.


World Experience

  • Updated POI restrictions to enable players to complete “Weaver’s Weave”.
  • Corrected an issue which prevented recipients from receiving rewards upon completion of “The Curse of Caer Dun” quest.
  • Fixed an issue which caused Free Camera to remain active after pressing its associated key (Left Alt) when entering Expeditions, game modes or fast traveling.
  • Addressed an issue with ‘Unexpected Prisoner’ quest which prevented players from completing the encounter with Fulgoris.


  • Resolved an issue that prevented players from defeating the Empyrean Forge boss.
  • Addressed Commander Marius’ volcanic eruptions hitting players outside their visual edge.
  • Revamped an exploit in “A Toymaker’s Request” quest of The Empyrean Forge and reactivated it.


  • Some items received unintended attribute perks in the previous update. Affected items will be rerolled as part of this change and some may even become Legendary.
  • Removed several potential rewards from Seasons Furniture Gift Chest loot pool obtained through Season Pass free track acquisition.
  • Fix an issue that prevented Juniper bags from dropping.
  • Resolved a naming error with Empyrean Gauntlets.
  • Addressed an issue where refining resources weren’t correctly counting their full amount.


  • Ice Gauntlet
  • Addressed an issue that caused the Ice Pylon ability to be stuck on cooldown.
  • Reverted Thwarting Counter back to Sturdy on Cold Stone Ice Gauntlet.


  • Resolved an issue that caused the ‘Flame Core Hoarder’ Journey task not to correctly count each crafted item.
  • Also fixed Camp Skin previews not appearing in the Store.
  • New World music now plays on the main menu.
Update 1.9.1 Brings Rabbit’s Revenge Event to Life
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