Valheim's 2023 Roadmap Revamp of Ashlands Biome and More
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Valheim’s 2023 Roadmap Revamp of Ashlands Biome and More

Valheim's 2023 Roadmap Revamp of Ashlands Biome and More

Valheim’s 2023 Roadmap Revamp of Ashlands Biome and More

Viking survival game Valheim remains hugely popular on Steam and boasts an Overwhelmingly Positive rating from players around the globe, drawing in hundreds of thousands of players into its procedurally generated world every day. Now its team have unveiled an initial preview of what its 2023 roadmap may hold!

Valheim’s 2021-2022 roadmap initially detailed four planned updates aiming to enhance specific aspects of gameplay as well as additional changes “if Odin wills it.” While specifics were planned to be revealed closer to release date, developer Iron Gate announced in June 2021 that not all updates can be delivered within one calendar year.
As many of you likely suspected, we will no longer be able to deliver four updates this year. Instead, our plan now is for Hearth & Home to release in Q3 2021, and while making changes we have temporarily taken down our roadmap so as to better inform you as quickly as possible.” It announced via a Steam post.

“Unexpectedly, such an overwhelming influx of players uncovered many issues and bugs which needed urgently addressed. To ensure an optimal player experience for everyone currently playing Hearth & Home has come first. Unfortunately, due to limited resources on Hearth & Home until May, our development focus could not fully focus on new content creation.” ”

According to its developer, Valheim will follow a drastically reduced roadmap in 2017. Minor updates planned will be put on pause while work for Hearth & Home will commence shortly afterwards. The Mistlands update is planned as its centerpiece update.
Hearth & Home, Valheim’s inaugural major update, expands player housing and base-building as core aspects of gameplay. New build pieces such as darkwood roofs and window hatches will be introduced along with expanding cooking station extensions like spice racks, butcher tables, pots & pans among many more – this all adds up to one exciting update that keeps players busy for weeks on end!


Valheim will also feature an enhanced food system designed to balance health and stamina enhancement, making food choices more pertinent for each player based on playstyle. Food items will now fall under three distinct categories while timers have replaced food bars as an aid to make dining choices even easier and more rewarding.

Stamina and health will have different impacts in combat; both will increase attack frequency. Viking tanker need more health so as to “deflect incoming hits and mitigate damage”, since blocking power depends on maximum health levels. Your stagger bar fills more quickly based on this stat; filling it seems to render you vulnerable temporarily.

Tower shields will offer greater knockback, making them the go-to choice for tankier builds trying to hold down multiple enemies at the same time. Meanwhile, bucklers allow players to parry strikes. Round shields remain ideal as an all-around balanced choice.

Valheim’s Hearth & Home update includes deer, boars and wolves that drop specific meat types when killed, plus over 10 new recipes as well as plantable onions – not forgetting over 100 more features for cooking up some tasty meals with these unique animal meats!

Bread and pies must first be cooked in your oven before eating them; additionally, your cauldron must also be equipped with additional cooking extensions to be capable of holding these treats. If your choice doesn’t please you, consuming special berries allows for effective vomiting to get rid of active buffs through vomiting.

Coin piles, treasure chests and iron grates have also made an appearance. Weapon balance has also been altered; for instance the two-handed axe now boasts faster windup while increasing stagger damage and cleaving capabilities; its draw speed was also adjusted so as not to require instantaneous draw efforts from bow players; instead requiring less stamina from players to remain drawn for extended durations of playback.

Valheim’s Mountain update serves as an interim step between its two major content drops, expanding upon the biome that gives this feature its name and adding instanced Frost Cave dungeons for players to explore.

They resemble Burial Chambers and Sunken Crypts in that three new enemies, along with materials needed to craft armor sets for defense are present here.

The Mountain update adds full controller support, the option to pause single player gameplay and additional optimization settings.

Developer Iron Gate Studio revealed that Frost Caves “are effectively” part of Valheim’s Cult of the Wolf update which had originally been part of their roadmap.

Valheim’s 2023 Roadmap Revamp of Ashlands Biome and More
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