WandaVision Episode 5: Who Is The 'Aerospace Engineer' That Monica Rambeau Knows?
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WandaVision Episode 5: Who Is The ‘Aerospace Engineer’ That Monica Rambeau Knows?

WandaVision Episode 5: Who Is The 'Aerospace Engineer' That Monica Rambeau Knows?

WandaVision Episode 5: Who Is The ‘Aerospace Engineer’ That Monica Rambeau Knows?

The fifth installment of WandaVision has formally dropped Disney Plus, and, with this, a whole new slew of inquiries, Easter eggs, and buff theories. The crowd is Starting to realize Exactly How successful Wanda is, But also she might not be completely in charge of everything that is happening. The series spent additional hours with S.W.O.R.D., and what is going on beyond Westview, as later episode 4, it appears that the series will then be dividing its time between Wanda’s established reality in Westview along with the S.W.O.R.D. Agents that are attempting to determine what’s happening.

In 1 scene, Monica Rambeau is devising a strategy To enter Westview while being shielded, with a car with quite a complex technician that, while hard, would be possible to make. She cites that she understands an aerospace engineer who will be up for a battle in this way. Marvel does not generally drop info such as this isn’t crucial in some manner. Therefore it is safe to presume that this remark is assumed to be a nod to some other important Marvel character. However, that exactly is this scientist that Monica is referring to? Below are a few of the theories floating about.

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James “Rhodey” Rhodes

The engineer who Monica is speaking to likely has been seen from the MCU and is well known by enthusiasts: Rhodey, aka War Machine. He’s among those few characters within the world that would possess the abilities and tech knowledge required to be regarded as an engineer.

It is likely that in her Time functioning for S.W.O.R.D., until the blip, Monica and Rhodey had fulfilled at a certain stage, and therefore are acquaintances. It may make sense for WandaVision to be a fanatic, which fans are already comfortable with since they’d have the ability to bring him without the need of additional introduction, and he’d already understood Wanda. He may have the ability to get through for her.

While possible, this concept isn’t quite as likely as the other that could hint towards a massive entry to the MCU.

Reed Richards


Maybe better Called Mister Fantastic, Reed Richards is among those members of the wonderful Four that have to appear at the MCU. He is a genius scientist and scientist, so it is reasonable that Monica would think to phone him to shoot on a near-impossible endeavor and that it is something which she believes he’d absolutely be on board.

Another bit of evidence that brings credit to this concept is a conversation between Monica and Director Hayward at WandaVision episode 4. In this dialog, Hayward is grabbing Monica upon what she is missed throughout the blip And states that half of S.W.O.R.D.’s astronaut training program’s employees were dropped in the blip. Fans have speculated that this can refer to the wonderful Four, who benefit their own superpowers after exposure to cosmic rays during a mission in space.

Further adding to the concept is a post from an Instagram accounts made for Flash Thompson’s character in the Spider-Man movies. The article is an image of a page by the literary Daily Bugle (run by J. Jonah Jameson), where there’s part of a narrative that reads, “put an end to this super’ chaos happening! Locate these damn astronauts!” It is a really subtle aspect, but how it had been released so lately, whilst WandaVision is broadcasting, is possibly an indication that this lost astronaut narrative will be signed into the MCU and might eventually introduce the viewer into the new incarnations of the great Four.

If the astronauts In question would be the ultimate Fantastic Four group, it adds credence to the concept that Monica is speaking to Reed Richards as the engineer she understands. They’d have worked collectively at S.W.O.R.D., also because her return into the bureau is indeed recent, she might not have heard who precisely the lost astronauts are; he is one of them.

Marvel has teased that There’ll be a Wonderful Four film sometime, later on, a place to be led by Jon Watts, who helmed both Tom Holland Spider-Man movies. It is likely that if this remark from Monica is assumed to be a reference to Richards, lovers may see the wonderful Four pop up in the MCU before their film. These testimonials are a fantastic way to incorporate the team into the MCU before their official looks, so they feel like part of the planet which Marvel has generated up to now.

No matter, Monica’s Comment wasn’t probably only a throwaway line. Marvel is quite intentional about the Easter eggs and testimonials they place in their own movies. It would not be an enormous surprise when whoever she was talking about showed up at the MCU very soon, and possibly even inside WandaVision itself.



WandaVision Episode 5: Who Is The ‘Aerospace Engineer’ That Monica Rambeau Knows?
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