WandaVision: Which Westview Resident Is Agent Woo’s Witness?

WandaVision: Which Westview Resident Is Agent Woo’s Witness?

WandaVision: Which Westview Resident Is Agent Woo’s Witness?

WandaVision: Which Westview Resident Is Agent Woo’s Witness?

The first 3 episodes of Marvel’s WandaVision On Disney+ possess a very different vibe than the fourth. While the first episodes follow a sitcom format, the fourth carries the viewer into Agents Of SHIELD land with a group of authorities (SWORD) representatives and scientists attempting to work out precisely what is happening in Westview. That team would never have forced it to Westview, but if FBI Agent Jimmy Woo did not have the foresight to phone in just a little help when his witnesses went missing.

This odd fact of Wanda and Vision residing they’re happily ever after in sitcoms is found since Agent Woo believes something is hinky. As he points out to Monica Rambeau, if she arrives about the spectacle, he could tell that the city does not need him to come; he will sense it. Additionally, it is noteworthy that nobody around the bubble enclosing the town appears to recall it is at all. While all that creates a fun and convincing mystery for the crowd, a few audiences find themselves wondering who is Jimmy Woo’s watch and what precisely did they see?

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When Ant-Man And The Wasp introduced Jimmy Woo as a supportive participant, He was delegated to Scott Lang since Lang was on house arrest for breaking up the Sokovia Accords. It is not clear if that really is a witness for a situation in a similar vein, or should they understand something about garden variety criminal action. The simple fact that this mysterious man is in witness protection indicates that whatever they understand, it is precious to the situation Woo was functioning before Westview ended up on his radar.

Even though Jimmy Woo describes To the watch as”him,” he does it following Monica employs exactly the same pronoun. That could be accomplished only to maintain the identity a mystery because he names them. There are a few intriguing possibilities because of his watch – both female and male.

Among the very Mysterious inhabitants in Westview is Agnes. She is among Wanda and Vision’s next-door neighbors and always appears to get hints for Wanda about ways to get into her new area. Agnes, too, however, seems to understand a little more than she is letting on. She ceases Herb from speaking to Vision from the next installment but provides advice about Geraldine, allowing Vision to to understand the latter is not from Westview.

While some fans theorize that Agnes might be comic book personality Agatha Harkness, This specific concept has not been proven or disproven only yet. What Is intriguing about her is that she is among those few Westview “personalities” who are not recognized when Jimmy Woo and Darcy Lewis begin Figuring out their actual names. Though there’s a dossier for her, there is No condition ID attached. It could be that she’s no recognizable real World counterpart – or it might be that Agent Woo is maintaining her actual Title to himself since she is the witness he is searching for.

Just who is Ralph? The audience doesn’t know. Agnes frequently references Ralph, her husband she seems not even particularly to like. Most of her one-liners are related to their relationship. The audience, however, still hasn’t seen him on screen despite all of her mentions. Even when Agnes attends the charity event in the second episode, Ralph doesn’t make an appearance.

Agnes talking about him, but never being in the same frame as him, only makes the audience more suspicious. Some suspect he doesn’t exist at all. That might not be the case. It’s entirely possible that Ralph, like Agnes and Herb, is at least partially aware that something strange is going on and stays out of sight as a result. There are only a handful of people who regularly interact with Wanda in her constructed reality. If he’s in the witness protection program due to a connection to a super-powered person, he might suspect the weirdness in town relates to him. Ralph could simply be playing it safe.

While Darcy identifies several residents, Dottie isn’t one of them. When Dottie appears, it’s while Woo is outside on the radio. He tries to communicate with Wanda while Darcy watches the sitcom events play out. Woo never sees Dottie through the events of the fourth episode that the audience knows of. She could be his witness simply because he hasn’t had the chance to identify her yet.


Someone WandaVision Hasn’t Introduced.

Of course, there is the possibility that the cast of characters the audience already met doesn’t include Jimmy Woo’s witness. There are quite a few people in Westview who haven’t interacted with Wanda or Vision at all. Westview might be a small town, but not everyone in town plays a part in Wanda’s sitcoms.

If Woo’s witness hasn’t been introduced, it leaves the audience to wonder if the witness is important at all. The witness could have been the excuse to get Woo to notice Westview, nothing more than a plot device that the audience never gets the whole story for. The witness could also be part of a larger story coming to the Disney+ corner of the MCU. They could even be the “unbelievable” actor previously teased by Paul Bettany. The audience will have to wait and see.

WandaVision: Which Westview Resident Is Agent Woo’s Witness?
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