Where Can You Read Killing Stalking Online Free?"

Where Can You Read Killing Stalking Online Free?”

Where Can You Read Killing Stalking Online Free?"

Where Can You Read Killing Stalking Online Free?”


Manga, manhwa and other forms of fiction often serve as forms of escape into an idyllic world that’s better than their own. But sometimes these works of fiction also tackle difficult subjects in reality; grounding people back into our world while giving them food for thought – such as Killing Stalking which falls into this latter category.

This 67-chapter manhwa explores every facet of psychological and realistic horror you can find. It centers around an intense relationship between a serial killer and his victim who develops Stockholm Syndrome. If you’re curious to read Killing Stalking online, here is where to do so – though unfortunately it is not as popular as other manhwa like Solo Leveling so options may be limited.

Physical copies of Killing Stalking can be purchased from websites and shops like Amazon and Barnes and Noble. But if you prefer reading it online, here’s how you can do so:

Read Killing Stalking Online

Show your support for Koogi by only reading Killing Stalking from an authorized source. The best place to read it online is on Lezhin Comics’ manhwa/webtoon website.


Lezhin Comics uses a currency called Lezhin Coins to pay customers to read comics from its selection. There are ways to earn these coins without spending money; alternatively, you can read their comics for free but must wait an agreed upon amount of time until the next issue becomes “unlocked”.

After reading Chapter 1 of Killing Stalking for free, simply wait about half a day until the next chapter becomes available to read.

If you want to read Killing Stalking for free and wait for each chapter to unlock, or spend some money and get it all at once, Lezhin Comics is your go-to choice. They even have an app if you’re planning to read on your phone!

What Is Killing Stalking All About?

Though Killing Stalking is classified as boys’ love, don’t expect any steamy or wholesome romance when you start the series.

Killing Stalking follows Yoon Bum, a boy named Yoon Bum who has an intense crush on Oh Sangwoo. Unfortunately, due to his abusive past, Bum is in a fragile mental state and begins stalking Sangwoo – even going so far as to attempt breaking into his home.

Before you feel sorry for Sangwoo, however, please read on.

After months of failed attempts, Bum finally manages to break into Sangwoo’s home. There he finds a girl bound and gagged – but before he could free her, Sangwoo arrives and kidnaps Bum as well.

Sangwoo had an interesting past, which eventually lead to him becoming a serial killer. He locks people up in his basement and tortures them until they succumb, and now Bum is his turn to suffer the brunt of Sangwoo’s cruelty. Due to this solitary history, instead of turning off, Bum develops Stockholm Syndrome – keeping him stuck with Sangwoo’s cruel torments.

Where Can You Read Killing Stalking Online Free?”
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