Who Will Be the Next Character to Die in Destiny 2?

Who Will Be the Next Character to Die in Destiny 2?

Who Will Be the Next Character to Die in Destiny 2?

Who Will Be the Next Character to Die in Destiny 2?


Two weeks ago, The Season of Defiance claimed Amanda Holliday. Lightfall also took out Cloud Strider guy (his name may have been Geoff?) while Rasputin succumbed to the Season of the Seraph. Who else will die next in Destiny 2 and will their death have any meaningful narrative repercussions? Let’s take a look at some potential candidates.


Introduced years ago with an intriguing story about her victimization during the Dark Ages at the hands of Lightbearers, Ada-1 has since been reduced to being a transmog vendor. While she still plays an important role in Destiny 2’s narrative, Ada may come back into focus once again in future seasons before being destroyed in an explosion – although given Bungie just refreshed her inventory with old shaders it seems unlikely at present.

Odds of Death: Low
Eva Levante

Eva is the vendor for four seasonal events in Destiny 2 but she rarely plays any significant role. Bungie typically keeps Eva locked away somewhere, whenever it isn’t the Dawning or other major events. Maybe someday though, Eva Levante will become part of an epic future narrative where only she can save humanity by self-sacrificing in an explosion.



Odds of Death: Moderate-Low

Everyone’s favorite AI with a personality disorder, Failsafe has been sitting around on Nessus doing nothing much for some time now. Although Bungie has moved away from vaulting locations, meaning Nessus is secure, there’s nothing stopping The Witness’ goons from attacking the planet to blow up Failsafe. Her combination of current narrative irrelevance and fan appreciation places her high on the list of Destiny 2 characters likely to die as we near the Final Shape.

Odds of Death: High
Shaw Han

Shaw Han is an interesting NPC. His death would require major restructuring to the new player experience and no one would really notice if he passed away. Essentially, Shaw Han’s fate remains uncertain.

Odds of Death:

LowSuraya Hawthorne

Hawthorne was initially intended to be an important non-Guardian character in Destiny 2, but has since been reduced to being a clan bounty vendor. Although she provided quests during Season of the Haunted during Duality quest, she didn’t have any new dialogue recorded. As such, Suraya appears poised for being exploited in future seasons without much actual impact on gameplay; simply give Ikora her clan bounty and we’re good!

Odds of Death: Moderate

Tess Everis

Can you even begin to fathom it? It won’t happen, but just think for a moment what life would be like if this were true. Just try and visualize.

Odds of Death: None until the sun explodes.

Who Will Be the Next Character to Die in Destiny 2?
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