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EA Rumored to be developing Iron Man Game

EA Rumored to be developing Iron Man Game

EA Rumored to be developing Iron Man Game

Marvel is making a huge impact in the gaming industry, as well as its cinematic world. While it has always been a great gaming platform (HTMOD Spiderman 1, and 2 for the PS1 are my favorite comfort games), their latest titles have been amazing. The 2018 Spiderman movie, Marvel’s Avengers, and the critically acclaimed Guardians of the Galaxy are all great examples. Marvel has had a great run in the videogame world.

After rumors of Iron Man’s stand-alone title, it looks like this run will continue.

Iron Man is a fan favorite, especially since Robert Downey Jr. took on the role of Tony Stark back in 2008. Surprisingly, it took so long for a console game to be made (excluding tie-ins from the movies and last year’s VR), but we are finally seeing results.

EA has confirmed that the Star Wars, and the Dead Space remake are single-player titles. It looks like this is about to change with the reports of a Black Panther video game.

Tom Henderson, a games industry analyst, tweeted about the rumors. He also included a video of Jeff Grubb discussing upcoming releases on his podcast.

He said, “I heard some rumors that it was Iron Man, but I didn’t have anything concrete to report on.” While we shouldn’t be too excited, it is worth noting that Henderson has proven that he is an expert in the past. We’ll keep flying around as Stark in the Iron ManVR until a more fleshed-out release is made. Perhaps a Black Sabbath song might be the answer.

EA Rumored to be developing Iron Man Game
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