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I feel bad for Big E and the Ratings

I feel bad for Big E and the Ratings

I feel bad for Big E and the Ratings

It is funny to see what WWE does when they are facing the wall. WWE panic booked yet another major championship change in a Monday Night Wars-era episode of Monday Night RAW. This gave New Day’s Big E victory over Bobby Lashley at the main event.

Although everyone loves a cash-in, WWE was right to believe that it would get fans’ attention. Big E posted his intentions on social media just hours before the show. However, Big E is being done dirty, and his title victory will be worth nothing when the ratings come in.

Big E could never match the success of Kofi Kingston. Not with the media hype around KofiMania. But, the hardworking SmackDown star deserved a moment of his own. Since 2012, Big E has been a fixture in WWE programming. He began his career as a team with Dolph Ziggler before becoming an independent star and winning the Intercontinental Championship. Then he formed the New Day stable. Big E rose to new heights since being drafted to SmackDown. He won the IC title again and also won the Men’s Money in the Bank ladder.

It is difficult to imagine how they could ruin this tale of ascension. Especially considering that the fans fully support Big E’s quest for his first major singles title. It just doesn’t make sense that the WWE Champion has been dethroned. Big E’s moment was merely a footnote and not given any weight on pay-per-view. Now, fast forward ten years, and it’s hard to imagine that we’ll ever see Big E’s cash in on many highlight reels. It just seems like another random weekly TV event. Perhaps Big E could have received a better reception if WWE had waited until Extreme Rules, only a few months away.


I feel bad for Big E and the Ratings
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