It's like the right move to skate go free-to-play
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It’s like the right move to skate go free-to-play.

It's like the right move to skate go free-to-play.

It’s like the right move to skate go free-to-play.

EA has commissioned a new Skate game from a publisher that is notoriously difficult to give players what they want. Many people thought Skate 3 would be the end of the franchise. However, EA announced that Full Circle, a new development team, was being formed to work on Skate 3.

Full Circle seems to have caught many people off guard regarding skate. They’ve also revealed that the game would be free-to-play—the skate. Going forward, skates will be considered a platform. Skates 4 and 5 are not what you should expect. Instead, skate. Full Circle will only improve and iterate on the Skate 4/5 in the years following launch.

The idea of a free-to-play Skate game immediately raised eyebrows. Free-to-play games can include invasive microtransactions and other practices that can seem predatory. Full Circle quickly confirmed that they did not want to skate. Full Circle has vowed not to follow the old familiar paths and stated in a developer diary that they don’t want skateboarding.

Those promises have already put skate. Skate is ahead of all EA games, whether premium or free-to-play. Skate. It is the fact that skate. Skate has been all about community. The game will be free to play, which is an excellent sign that the Skate series will grow in size.


We’ve seen pre-alpha footage of skate. The trailer promises a more connected, ambitious multiplayer experience than we have ever seen. A trailer shows about 12 players skating in the city simultaneously, twice the number of Skate 3’s multiplayer lobby. The trailer also restricted players to specific areas of the open world, although it is unclear if there will be multiplayer lobbies for skate. A fully explorable city will be featured.

It will allow multiple players to move objects simultaneously and create the skate park they have always wanted. This is a significant upgrade to the original game. It is thrilling to see multiple players coordinate to build huge ramps, kickers, street setups, or even to create a silly pachinko machine to ragdoll through, as the game will be free-to-play.

Community is not just about skating in the same lobbies. Skate 3’s best feature was its ability to allow people to create their skate parks. Full Circle would be foolish to remove these elements from Skate. Hopefully, the free-to-play elements mean there is enough player-created content for the game to continue to thrive between patches and official content drops.

It’s like the right move to skate go free-to-play.
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