My Hero Academia Beginner’s Guide: Everything you Need to Know

My Hero Academia Beginner’s Guide: Everything you Need to Know

My Hero Academia Beginner’s Guide: Everything you Need to Know

My Hero Academia Beginner’s Guide: Everything you Need to Know

My Hero Academia is one of the few anime that has made it into mainstream media as fast and successfully as My Hero Academia. The anime tells the story of an alternate Earth where 80% of people have “quirks” or superpowers. It depicts a world full of superheroes and arch-villains.

The debate over how society should work continues in the background. But, Izuku Midoriya, a quirkless young man, finally has the opportunity to be a hero after meeting the greatest Hero of all: All Might. But, preparing his body for All Might’s power will be a long journey.

Do you want to delve into the bizarre world of My Hero Academia? Look no further. Based on the manga, this anime has many characters and elements you need to be familiar with. But don’t worry: we have a handy guide for beginners.

My Hero Academia Beginner’s Guide

What is My Hero Academia About


My Hero Academia is primarily about Izuku Midoriya’s experience with the world of superheroes. He meets 19 students as he attends a high school for heroes-in-training. They are the brightest and best of the next generation.

If Class 1-A is to succeed, the heroes must learn to work together and put aside all their differences. Even characters who are not friends must learn to work together or risk failing the course.

A league of villains, dissatisfied with the way society is leveraging the heroes toward them, begins to emerge and threaten the unstable order.

Two new villains lead the attack on the high school. This sets off ripples that continue throughout the series.

Who created My Hero Academia

Kohei HORIKOSHI created My Hero Academia.

Horikoshi retried an idea he had previously explored in a single shot during his career when his new series, Barrage, was canceled after only two issues. This one-shot, titled My Hero, inspired the new manga.

American properties such as Star Wars and X-Men also influenced Horikoshi and Japanese stories such as Dragon Ball and Ultraman.

Who are the main characters?

Here’s where things get tricky. My Hero Academia can have up to 40-60 characters that you need to keep track of. New characters are added all the time. We have already spoken of the selfless, young Izuku and his cheerfully heroic mentor; All Might.

Next is Shoto Tomodoroki. Shoto, the most powerful student in Class 1-A, comes from a long line of heroes and feels immense pressure to succeed. He is strong and independent despite the burden he carries.

Katsuki, a hot-headed rival who was a childhood friend of Midoriya, is another important character. He is egotistical and will do anything to be number one.

Otaku Ururaka is a young, gentle girl who becomes Midoriya’s love interest throughout the series.

Tenya Iida, on the other hand, is a strict follower of rules and wants only the best for his classmates.

The instructors are Shota Aizawa and All Might. Aizawa, the moody and tired teacher in Class 1-A, is responsible for keeping them safe and helping them succeed in their dangerous training.

The main villain is Tomurashi. He can kill or maim anyone with a single touch, and he wants to see the foundations of this society fall around him. Shigaraki, the dark mirror version of Izuku Midoriya, is often All Might’s worst enemy.

My Hero Academia Beginner’s Guide: Everything you Need to Know
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