Wearing Wild Hunt Armor in Destiny 2

PSA: Xur Is Now Wearing Wild Hunt Armor in Destiny 2 This Week

PSA: Xur Is Now Wearing Wild Hunt Armor in Destiny 2 This Week

PSA: Xur Is Now Wearing Wild Hunt Armor in Destiny 2 This Week

Every week in Destiny 2, Xur visits various locations bringing with him exotic items, legendary weapons, and armor pieces for new players that they don’t already possess. Even though his armor rolls have recently been quite lackluster, these collections still make great additions for transmogrification; and provide more options in Destiny 2’s true endgame: cosmetics!

This week, Xur is wearing the armor from Season of the Hunt which began alongside Beyond Light back in November 2020. That season focused on tracking down and eliminating Wrathborn enemies under Xivu Arath’s influence – such as Wrathborn enemies who fell under his spell – through hunting activities framed as hunts. Though somewhat lacking overall, Season of the Hunt did bring Crow back into Destiny 2 narrative and provided enjoyable seasonal activities to participate in.

Seasonal Wild Hunt armor was great fun to collect over time; but truly what stood out were its ornaments – pieces which allowed Guardians to deck themselves out in bones and other prizes, like something out of Monster Hunter! Still, players who missed out can collect older seasonal armor sets now if they missed them initially.

Xur is offering this week armor with some respectable stat totals; many pieces score between 60-69 in terms of Resilience (one of the key metrics in game). Unfortunately, though, most pieces feature too much Mobility while providing inferior Resilience stat values compared to Mobility (an essential quality).

Other than his Wild Hunt armor, Xur’s offerings this week have been quite disappointing. His Hawkmoon is truly terrible while Dead Man’s Tale only meets minimum standard. None of Xur’s legendary weapons stand out either; though Planck’s Stride offers Perpetual Motion and One For All capabilities for Warlocks while Titans receive plenty of Antaeus Wards for defense purposes. Warlocks should get at least some decent rolls with Verity’s Brow and Antaeus Wards; more so for Warlocks with Warlocks; warlocks receive Verity’s Brow and Titans receive Antaeus Wards to at least play with!

PSA: Xur Is Now Wearing Wild Hunt Armor in Destiny 2 This Week
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