Sims 4 Spa Day Pack gets a makeover

Sims 4 Spa Day Pack gets a makeover

Sims 4 Spa Day Pack gets a makeover

Sul simmers! Today, Maxis has released a new trailer and live-streamed it on YouTube for a “refresh” of The Sims 4’s Spa Day Package. The devs explained that the refresh involves taking an older pack and adding new material to give it new life during the stream.

This Game Pack is an add-on content pack that includes new clothing, gameplay features, and objects centered around a particular theme. SimGuruPJ was one of the original developers of the pack and has returned to work on the refresh.

You don’t have to repurchase the pack if you already have it. The content will automatically be updated when it launches on September 7.

The trailer was shown, and the first change in gameplay was at the spa, where sims can have manicures and pedicures. This new feature allows sims to create their own sims (CAS) and choose something as small as finger/toenails. These designs are amazing. The variety of fingernail shapes available to people, including square, oval, stiletto, and almond nails, is a great touch. Although it may seem small, this is a new aspect of The Sims 4’s creativity.

The developers collaborated with Simmodder Exbonix SIMS, who talked on the stream about her inspiration from Pinterest. I can relate as someone who uses the app to find designs for my nail technician. This made the creative process extra special for me. They also created new variations of previous spa day items, such as adding the spa day logo on the instructor yoga mat. The original pack’s clothes had a huge color swatch addition.


Sims 4 Spa Day Pack gets a makeover
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