Skyrim Modder brings minions to Tamriel

Skyrim Modder brings minions to Tamriel

Skyrim Modder brings minions to Tamriel

Skyrim Modder brings minions to Tamriel.

The Skyrim land is a beautiful place that symbolises the humble folk who are trying to make a living as farmers but don’t have access to the same technology available in our world.

While they might be forced to endure bland food or occasionally get sick, they don’t have to face the horrors of Facebook every day.

It seems that the Facebook bubble has now shattered Skyrim’s NPCs. This has allowed the yellow plague that plagues the social media platforms to seep into the fantasy role-playing game.

Are you sick of seeing the yellow lads on Facebook? You can fight them in Skyrim!

This cursed change mod is called minions. It is the work Z4K97B. His previous work included bringing wearable and Magicka bars and custom shout-down notifications to Skyrim VR.

They’ve now used their modding abilities for evil and added Gru’s irritating and detestable friends to the game’s special edition.

The banana connoisseurs were carefully placed in the world, but not in a lore-friendly way. They have subbed in for the rieklings who inhabit the Dragonborn DLC’s Ile of Solstheim.


This doesn’t mean they are friends. You can still bludgeon their heads with your Warhammer or blast them into oblivion using your spells.

You don’t have to go through minion-based torture if you still want to hunt some new creatures. Skinwalker21’s Shroom Beetles(Creature Series.6) SE’ mod adds some funky-looking critters.

These are vibrant, coloured bugs that have been covered in mushrooms. You can find them by exploring Blackreach or Solsthiem, or the Rift. The video below will give you an idea of what you can expect.

Modder Jelidity’s Pocket Mammoths could be a perfect choice if you want a cute, friendly creature to relax. This mod adds The Elder Scrolls Online’s tiny and docile mammoths in Skyrim’s mountainous areas.

Don’t forget that Skyrim is now something that would appeal to your Aunt Linda. Follow us for more information on The Elder Scrolls 6 and the bizarre world of Skyrim modding.

Skyrim Modder brings minions to Tamriel
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