This June, Samsung Smart TVs will get Xbox Game Pass
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This June, Samsung Smart TVs will get Xbox Game Pass

This June, Samsung Smart TVs will get Xbox Game Pass

This June, Samsung Smart TVs will get Xbox Game Pass.


Microsoft is on a never-ending quest for maximum versatility and has just announced another exciting update to its plans to integrate Xbox App into smart televisions. Xbox gamers can log in to the Xbox App via their Samsung TVs and access their favourite games directly through the Xbox Game Pass. To play your Xbox games, you don’t need an Xbox console. Log in to the Smart TV Xbox App, connect your controller via BlueTooth, and get started.

Microsoft first revealed this new feature last June when the brand shared its vision to bring Xbox gaming to the masses through collaboration with global TV producers. Microsoft and Samsung have partnered to bring the Xbox Game Pass to millions of Samsung Galaxy phones. They’re now partnering up again, but this time they offer the same functionality through the new lineup of Samsung 2022 TVs.

Xbox Game Pass will be available on Samsung 2022 Smart TVs across 27 countries starting June 30th.

Xbox and Samsung team up to bring console-less gaming directly to TVs

The new Xbox app, which will be integrated into Samsung 2022 Smart Televisions, will offer Xbox games new possibilities to play. This includes console-less gaming via Cloud. Although this isn’t a new idea, it will mark the first time the app has been integrated into the TV’s menu system.

How does it all work?

Microsoft recently published a news article that showcased the simplicity of its design. Follow these steps from Microsoft to get started.

  • Log into your Microsoft account to access the Xbox app via the Samsung Gaming Hub. Game Pass Ultimate members have access to hundreds more cloud-enabled games. You can also check out Fortnite without a membership.
  • You can either sign up in the app or join Xbox Game Pass Ultimate if you’re new to it.
  • Your Bluetooth-enabled controllers, such as the Xbox Wireless Controller or Elite Series 2 Controller, can be connected to your Bluetooth-enabled device. Play over 100 top-quality games from the Cloud, including A Plague Tale and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction.

It’s that easy – and it sounds like a major win in the battle for console hierarchy. It’s possible to test the service with a new Samsung Smart TV at a very low cost compared to traditional Xbox gaming.

This June, Samsung Smart TVs will get Xbox Game Pass
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