Wild New Outriders Confirms The RPG Shooter Is Coming To PS5 And Xbox Series X


We Are finally getting a good look in Outriders, the IP that is new from People Can Fly and Square Enix that has been in evolution because 2015 – and it is also coming into PS5 and Xbox collection X.

We arrived to Enoch as our final opportunity,” the voiceover says,”An opportunity at a new residence.”

If You have seen any sci-fi film about life you understand this will go. And it will.


They the critters of the world creep nearer to their own settlement and break, while the storm rages on.

When they wake up Upward, things have changed the colonists and the world around them.

. Here is a humanity that’s radically changing weaponry, and terrifying creatures. “Leave humanity supporting,” the trailer tells us.

The game was in development and since Square Enix Drives with People Can Fly, this has gone to a AAA title from an indie Real fast.

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