Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo Intro Leaks


An unlisted video surfaced on the Youtube station showcased what seems to be a direct capture of this intro to some Final Fantasy VII Remake demo.

The long wait is almost over as Final Fantasy VII Remake will launch for PS4 in only a couple of short months, on March 3, as a PlayStation 4 exclusive for a single year. The movie runs via the remake and starts at the start screen that is demonstration For this writing, this Seems to be the video which the user Has shared.


This bite-sized snippet will depart lovers much more rabid for the demo to release. When paired with the previous PSN listing leak, it brings itself strongly? into the concept that we may be on the cusp of the demo’s release.

Reinterpretation of the titles intro cinematic. Square Enix treats us into a little taste of how they’ve professionally paired audio and visual grandeur to make. Examples of this are evident with the serene and hopeful melody which performs as Aerith sells her flowers flowing to the crescendo as the train pulls into the station and AVALANCHE, gets to work. The impact lands, and it hit hard.

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