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In 2013, Grand Theft Auto 5, which goes on to develop into the entertainment product ever was started by Rockstar Games. It established Red Dead Redemption two, which has been a victory of its own and made acclaim.

There are a few possibilities in regard to what’s next for the business, although an official show for Rockstar’s next game can come daily. The titles look as the chances for Rockstar’s next game.


Agent is a very long shot, but it is still a chance for Rockstar’s next game.

Development on Agent started in some capacity at least a few years however, nothing was shown despite the notion having been around in some form for more than a decade today.

In November of 2018, Take-Two Interactive, which might signify that the job was canceled left the Agent trademark. It’s possible though that remains to be seen the idea behind Agent is ongoing on in another type.

Bully two

The Bully was well-received at the time of its launch, making strong reviews and earnings. Rockstar has ported Bully to programs but it has not gone as far as to create a sequel of this match. A variant of Bully two was about ten decades back, just to get canceled before it was announced.

Grand Theft Auto 6

The clearest selection for Rockstar’s next game is Grand Theft Auto 6. GTA 5 is your entertainment item of time, therefore GTA 6 is unavoidable as mentioned before.

Then together with consoles place to start throughout 2020’s holiday period now is the time for Rockstar.

GTA 6 appears to be the most likely candidate for Rockstar’s next game. There have been rumors regarding GTA 6 with a few fans thinking they have discovered hints from Rockstar itself concealed in GTA Online upgrades and exactly what it will entail. At the moment, the theory is that GTA 6 will probably be put in South America and will comprise towns, though we have to stress that Rockstar has declared nothing .


Manhunt 3

The studio has lots of IP which it might use for the next match, although rockstar has concentrated on Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption this decade. 1 IP is a show that drummed up controversy back, Manhunt. Despite controversy within its articles that is ultra-violent, the Manhunt was comparatively but Manhunt two was popular, which is one reason why Rockstar has not moved ahead with Manhunt 3. Rumors of Manhunt 3 have dropped, and unlike with  bothered to revive back the Manhunt signature . Manhunt 3 is a possibility, but the offender is nevertheless seemed like by GTA 6.

New Medieval IP

There are rumors about Rockstar game looking on the Internet essentially daily, but the majority of them involve Grand Theft Auto 6 or more Bully 2. So every time a rumor cropped up asserting that Rockstar’s next game could be a IP at a setting, it captured a great deal of attention. Like any rumors, this should be taken by lovers but it is still fun. Using its world games, Rockstar has stuck after all – Red Dead Redemption being the exception – so it would be interesting to find out what the firm would pull off into something. It would be the take on Skyrim, which might interest a whole demographic of Rockstar.

The Rockstar game rumor did not offer many details outside that it is aiming for a Q1 2021 release and that it might comprise. The assumed”leaker” states an announcement to the sport is not far off, so perhaps we won’t need to wait too long to discover whether there’s any truth to their promises.

Something Completely Different

We can not eliminate the chance that Rockstar’s next match is something surprising and different. While Grand Theft Automobile surely sounds as the most obvious option, Rockstar might pull a Table Tennis sequel or perhaps it’ll convert among its present matches to VR like it failed with L.A. Noire. Fans do not need to wait to learn what’s next for Rockstar Games, although time will tell.

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