Marvel's "She-Hulk" trailer has divided fans
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Marvel’s “She-Hulk” trailer has divided fans

Marvel's "She-Hulk" trailer has divided fans

Marvel’s “She-Hulk” trailer has divided fans.

Marvel fans are drowning in announcements at the moment. Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige visited Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con to announce the upcoming slate. We were expecting a lot of exciting news, but we got way more than we expected.

It was announced that the MCU is officially in The Multiverse Saga and that phase four will conclude with Black Panther: Wakanda forever. We have a complete list of every Marvel announcement made. We have Sheulk: Attorney at Law next up, and a brand-new trailer just dropped.

Maslany’s Jennifer Walters is the center of She-Hulk. She is a lawyer and cousin to Bruce Banner. Banner injures Walters and has to give Walters blood transfusions. Thus, She-Hulk was born. The banner will teach Walters how the Hulk is a superhero-comedy series. Fellow Marvel stars Charlie Cox, Benedict Wong, and Wong will also be on board.

Walters breaks the fourth wall multiple times in this trailer. This trailer is different from other MCU projects. Fans had their thoughts and shared them quickly on the RSS subreddit.

Fans were excited to see Wong in action. Sarcastic__ wrote “Phase Wong,” while Benjamin_Grimm said, “He’s a new Coulson.” He isn’t wrong. Similar sentiments can be found in Charlie Cox’s Daredevil. IniMiney exclaimed: “They are all in Charlie being in everything, and I f**king love that!”

The trailer received praises for its tone. Mcon96 stated, “I’m glad they’re embracing comedy/meta aspects of the character.” But, there are still splits among fans regarding the show’s CGI. Cloud25 said, “This looks ten better than the She-Hulk trailer,” while ShawshankException stated, “The CGI now looks so much better.”

SAMO1415 asked, “Am I alone that thinks it’s horrible?” TheLastDank responded, “Yup. It looks garbage.” However, SheHulk seems to have won over many fans.

Marvel’s “She-Hulk” trailer has divided fans
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