Vanguard May 12th Update Secretly Buffs Automaton
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Vanguard May 12th Update Secretly Buffs Automaton

Vanguard May 12th Update Secretly Buffs Automaton

Vanguard May 12th Update Secretly Buffs Automaton

The Automaton assault rifle has been dominating the metagame since the launch of Vanguard. This is due to its amazing rate of fire, and low recoil.

The Nikita AVT has arrived in Season 3. However, the rifle remains the best AR for multiplayer matches. With no weapon balancing by Sledgehammer Games, the Automaton is likely to remain at the top of the list until the end.

Five changes were made to the game in the May 12 update, but many players noticed a significant change to the Automaton.

Automaton Receives Secret Buff

The Automaton no longer comes with a standard 25-round magazine. Instead, it now includes 30 rounds in each magazine. Although it is a small change, the Automaton now comes with 30 rounds in each magazine.

Some professional players like the change. However, other players who use submachine guns are not impressed. James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks, three-time world champion, says that “stuff such as this” should be the standard across all levels of play.

Vanguard Patch Notes May 12

Sledgehammer Games has made some changes to the May 12 patch, in addition to the Automaton’s stealth buff. You can find the complete patch notes below.


  • An issue that caused Server Disconnected errors in Private Matches was addressed with the CDL ruleset enabled.
  • Arms Race
    • It will not cause an UI error if you destroy the last enemy base while there are still enemies.


  • M1 Garand (Marksman rifle)
    • Mindgames Camo now refers to the correct Magazine Attachment requirement.
  • M1916 (Marksman Rifle)
    • Progress toward the Marksman Rifles challenges is now accurately tracked.

User Interface & Experience

  • Prestige 5 and higher players will now have the correct Prestige emblem on the menus.

Bundles & Cosmetics

  • CDL Midseason Pack
    • Corrections to the preview images of Roland’s “The Boss Operator Skin” and the “Love Massacre Emblem.”

You can find more Vanguard information on our dedicated page. It contains all the latest news and leaks as well as guides for the latest Call of Duty titles.

Vanguard May 12th Update Secretly Buffs Automaton
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